What's Good? Hip-Hop Drops A Motherlode Of New Music

What's Good? Hip-Hop Drops A Motherlode Of New Music

Hip-hop's embarrassment of riches borders on the ridiculous in 2017. So what better way to end the year in which the genre become the most streamed, according to Nielsen, than flooding the market with a Friday full of new releases? A comprehensive list would also include new projects from producers such as Zaytoven and Childish Major, plus a slew of mixtapes. But there's only so much time in a day. Here are quick takes on some of the most anticipated LPs released today.

Brockhampton, Saturation III

Brockhampton is the hip-hop boy band of the future. A smorgasbord indie collective of some 11-odd creatives (rappers, producers, engineers and webmaster included), these guys are able to execute feelings of angst, independence, joy and fear with creative precision that's seemingly beyond their years. Saturation III completes the crew's trilogy of their releases this year (Saturation I and II dropped in June and August, respectively) and helps fans get to know each member a little better with lyrical match-ups. Right now, "BOOGIE," "STAINS" and "SISTER/NATION" are early favorites. — Sidney Madden.

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