12 soulful classics every black person should have on their holiday playlist

12 soulful classics every black person should have on their holiday playlist

1.Whether you're at an ugly Christmas sweater party with friends or celebrating at your grandma's house, whoever the designated DJ is for the night is bound to have soulful, R&B holiday songs on the playlist. If you're in charge of compiling the tracks, but it's been a while since last Christmas and you can't remember which ones are best, I've got you covered!

2.While it's the oldest masterpiece on this playlist, "The Christmas Song" is definitely the most iconic. Many have added their vocal creativity to the song, but there is no other that can compare to the warmth one feels upon hearing Nat King Cole's version, that is perhaps older than many of our own parents. And if you forget the name of the song, you'll never forget the words.

3. If you aren't bumping this all the way in early November on your holiday playlist, you're the true epitome of the Grinch. Nothing gets me in the Christmas mood more than hearing Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight serenade my ears in one of the most popular holiday classics to date.

4. No matter the genre, from rock n' roll to soul, just about every musical artist at some point has covered this joyful classic. In my opinion, no one does a better job than no other than the original, Donny Hathaway, and a young Chris Brown, who sang a rendition of the song for the holiday family dramedy titled after the song, This Christmas.

5. Stevie Wonder's music has always had a way of stopping us in our tracks and turning our ears. The wonderful songs that he has recorded lives with us through the generations. This holiday melody is no different. Whereas most Christmas tunes invite us to revel in spending time with family and opening presents, Wonder reminds us to remember the reason for the season and make one of the most memorable holiday wishes of all: peace on earth.

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