Black Thought Freestyle

Black Thought of The Roots Rips 10 Minute FreeStyle Classic on Hot 97

Black Thought is already one of the most respected MCs in the game, and now the rapper is coming to take the crown for the best Funkmaster Flex freestyle of 2017.

Stopping by the Hot 97 DJ's radio show, The Roots' MC spit a 10-minute freestyle proving why he's one of the best. Rapping over the classic Mobb Deep beat "The Learning (Burn)," Black Thought spits, "Somebody said the price tag was on a rapper's head/So we gon' see a nice bag, when a rapper dead."

The Philly MC continues, "Yo, the game went they own route/I can't explain what these lame kids is talkin' 'bout/Or how they fit own fit into their whole mouth/I put a couple bodies in a brown bag, then I'm on route."

Thought also commented on his freestyle, tweeting, "That verse was just what I had to say at the moment lol."

Earlier this year, XXL caught up with Black Thought, who discussed The Roots' next album, End Game. "Last October, we had a writers’ retreat at Electric Lady Studios in New York City for about a week or so and within that time we got about a good deal of the groundwork of what’s to come for the record, End Game," he said. "I’ve been working, writing and recording on it since then."

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#HipHopClassic! @TheRoots MC @BlackThought Rips Free-Style On Mobb Deep Track! This is a gift to Hip Hop Culture! via @HOT97 @funkflex @HipHopHoF Respect! @questlove and #TheRoots #Philly #StayWoke!

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